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Professional C++, Philosophy and Principles
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22 x 17 x 2,5 cm
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Professional C++

Philosophy and Principles

Books on Demand


This book contains all the necessary knowledge to learn, think and become a professional C++ developer for building real world and critical software. It requires some basic knowledge that could be acquired at the University, Engineering Schools or just by reading the right books for the right decision.
C++ gave you the ability to create, design, think and implement such amazing big big stuff without limits.
The industry is lead by C and C++.
Ok, everybody has heard about security, memory management problem of unsecure stuff and that bla bla.
OK listen to me: give me the list of all your applications on your laptop and I promise to you : 90% of the are made with C and C++.
So who are the dinosaurs ? C/C++ developers or Marketing Clowns that wants you to drink Coc-Coal and Jack Daniel's on the morning, on twelve and in the afternoon ?
"The World is Built on C++" by Herb Sutter.
"The C++ Is The Invisible Foundation of Everything" by Bjarne Stroustrup.
Windows, Office, Linux, LibreOffice, Chrome and all the C/C++ backed Linux shared libraries are done with native stuff. From GCC, Clang to CL.EXE shipped with Visual Studio from my Microsoft friends in Redmond, just dive and sometimes, deep dive into C++. It's an infinite source of learning, different way to cook. You will embrace the way GAFAM are developing software.
Real World Wide software and all World Wide Critical software that makes our world running for the business, the economy and the Cloud, the gaming, the medical, the energy, the military and the old embedded industry reborn as IoT is all native are using C++ .
Native World Is The Real Answer from A Complex World.
Note: if you are a JS, TS, NET, Java, PHP developers, read this book. Don't be afraid. An then you will know why we rule the world...
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